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    Digital textile printing market to touch 6.213 bn sq m in 2024: TexPro

    Sep 14, 2022


    The global digital textile printing (DTP) market is growing at a fast pace of around 20 per cent year-on-year and is expected to touch a level of 6,213.54 million square metres in 2024 compared to the size of 3,580.87 million square metres in 2021. DTP’s features like unlimited printing and flexibility are attracting entrepreneurs as well as end consumers.

    DTP has many advantages compared to the conventional printing method. The best aspect of digital printing technology is that there is no limitation on the usage of colours or repeat size. Multiple colour shades can be printed on the fabric at a time, which is not the case with traditional printing techniques. In addition to saving time and cost, DTP can also potentially produce millions of colours and shades.

    The global DTP market was 2,435 million square metres in 2019, which grew to 2,917.67 million square metres in 2020 and 3,580.87 million square metres in 2021.

    Within DTP, the growth will be highest for textiles and clothing compared to segments like soft signage, home textiles and others. Digital printing in textiles and clothing will grow by 21.16 per cent annually between 2019-2024, taking its market size to 4,358 million square metres. Textiles and clothing segment will have 70 per cent share out of total DTP market of 6,213.54 million square metres in 2024.

    Digital printing will grow 19.80 per cent annually for soft signage to 956.22 million square metres by 2024. Likewise, digital printing for home textiles will increase at 19.44 per cent to 640.01 million square metres. Other applications of digital printing will have a market size of 258.76 million square metres in 2024 with annual growth rate of 17.45 per cent.

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