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    How textile MSMEs in India are creating jobs and employment opportunities, decodes expert

    Apr 21, 2022



    MSME sector has been a key contributor to the India's GDP and even during the pandemic times, it showed tremendous resilience, helping the economy recover faster from the lockdown market dip. One of the key sectors that have outshone others and registered tremendous growth is the textile and apparel MSMEs. Anurag Singh Khangarot, Co-founder, Aachho, shares his knowledge on  textile MSMEs and how they are creating jobs and employment opportunities in India.

    “The textile & apparel industry’s contribution to the country’s GDP is around 5% and in terms of industrial output, the T&A accounts for 7% of the total value, making it one of the most promising industries in India. In fact, the T&A industry in India is one of the largest industries in the world and also the second largest employer in the country. It has generated approximately 45 million jobs directly and over 60 million jobs in allied industries. There have been multiple driving forces behind the monumental growth of the industry and realizing the full potential of each of these dynamics can help the MSMEs to unlock greater employment opportunities for the Indian workforce,” Anurag Singh Khangarot explained.

    Textile exports: A booster

    “Being the world's 5th biggest T&A exporter, the industry enjoys a 4% share of the $840 billion global markets. The textile exports accounted for US$ 22.89 billion between April 2021 and October 2021. IBEF also suggests that the T&A exports growing at a solid CAGR of 11% are expected to cross $100 bn in the next 5 years.Increasing the exports not only creates foreign reserves but also opens doors for better employment opportunities in the country. Developing MSMEs in the sector to boost exports can create an additional 75 lakh to 1 crore jobs – which is quite a number taking into consideration that the unemployment rate in India stands at 7%,” he added.

    More jobs for women 

    “T&A sector is one such industry where women account for approximately 60-70% of the total workforce. More than 27 million women in India are employed in the textile and apparel sector. The growing employment opportunities would mean more jobs for women, thus increasing the participation and contribution of the women's workforce in the Indian economy,” he said.

    “The textile and apparel industry is on a rise and even with the stiff international competition from Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc., the future of the industry seems brighter owning to its endowed advantages of vast raw material supply (India is amongst the largest producer of cotton yarn and fabric), ample availability of human resources, and faster adoption of advanced textile technologies. Given the sector is able to sustain and increase the domestic as well as export growth, the industry will be able to become of the most lucrative sectors for creating employment and job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled as well as a portion of unskilled workforce, directly or indirectly,” he concluded.

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